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AK&A Labs

AK&A Labs is an entity fairly new to San Diego. Founded by members with over 25 years of experience in the drug, alcohol, and DNA testing fields. We bring expert level knowledge and procedural expertise to each service we provide, allowing our clients to sit back with confidence and leave all of the work to us.

We have a long standing relationship with the Department of Transportation (DOT,) California Public Utilities Commission (CA PUC,) AABB organization, DATIA and most importantly the members of our community.

Managing Member: Ashley R

With over a decade of experience in the drug, alcohol and DNA testing fields, Ashley has a true passion for this industry. Identifying a real need for a client-focused boutique operation, Ashley set out to establish AK&A Labs; a facility where clients are offered the services they need along with the answers they deserve through state of the art testing in an environment that is comfortable, affordable and confidential.

Ashley's unique focus on customer service while maintaining the highest standard of subject matter expertise is what sets AK&A apart from the rest.

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New Location in North Park!

4715 30th Street, Suite 2 | San Diego, CA 92116 | (619)535-0006 | info@akandalabs.com


New Northern California Location!