AK&A Labs follows California Public Utilities Commissions controlled substance testing program requirements, including General Orders 157 & 158, Resolutions TL-18716 and TL-18760 including Parts 40 & 382 of Title 49 CFR. Using the Commission's standard for alcohol testing the level of detection for a breath alcohol test must be less than 0.02%

We'll file the required PUC Application on your behalf with the option to add Airport clearance. We will maintain all testing and vehicle record keeping, assuring they are accessible, secure and audit-ready.
Local to San Diego - Connected to all of California

AK&A Labs is one of the few local offices in San Diego to specialize in all aspects of the PUC application and renewal process. Our members take great pride in our over a decade-long relationship with the PUC, which keeps us closely in tune with updates and policy changes. With access to a statewide collector network, we can manage your team's compliance seamlessly.

  • Immediate consortium enrollment
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • 24-hour on-call post accident testing
  • Certification for your on-site Supervisor
  • Locations from Northern to Southern California




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